Introducing New Values to
the Market Using the Power to“Materialize Thoughts”

Re-mix Co.,Ltd President

Ritsuko Tominaga

I would like to nurture the ability to create new goods

“I lacked self-confidence when I was working in the field of music, but after I started my own company, there are customers that have been with us for quite a while. When a former contact, who has changed company, approaches you to start a new deal, then I think that I have followed the right path. Facing and solving every single problem that arises, and keeping a sincere attitude are what made us now.”

By “sincere attitude”, Tominaga means producing products with attention and care. Tominaga, who has produced many original products, is once again becoming aware of the importance to create innovatively.

“Whenever a hit product is created, imitations are made and designs with similar characteristics emerge in the market. That is one way to do it, but I don’t like copying. If people started to learn how to build and develop a concept of a product, there would be more growth. Superficial things eventually go out of fashion. That is why it is important to go beyond imitation and have the ability to find new ideas and apply them.”

She is now planning to further develop her company in order to offer comprehensive consulting, which ranges from the targeting of customers to the establishing of concepts and commercialization of products. This service is aimed at companies in search of new ideas and methods of implementation.

“I think that we are able to do this, because we are not limited to only marketing or consulting, but go beyond these stages and make actual products.”

Tominaga considers the materialisation of people’s and companies’ thoughts, and introducing them into the market, as her most important mission

株式会社Re-mix 代表取締役社長 富永 律子

Interviewer's Eye

As my work is always behind the scenes, my Facebook page is almost dedicated to gastronomy, laughs Tominaga. Within a global network of entrepreneurs, where she is also a member, she is known as “World’s Ritchan.” Her international awareness developed through the visits to more than 90 cities in 31 countries, and her continuous attention to how Japan is seen in the world’s eyes, must be what attracts the interest of Asian and tech industry billionaires.

Interview & Editing/ Mitsuya Kakihata, Noriko Aoki, Nami Takahashi

Photography:/Ayako Shohata     Translation/Ippei Otani


Ritsuko Tominaga was born in Osaka, Japan.

As a young child, her playground was Olympia Confectionery Co.,Ltd., a chocolate making company founded by her grandfather.

Ritsuko began learning how to play the piano at four years old, and later started singing at seventeen.

She graduated from Soai University majoring in voice performance.

As a student, she worked as an instructor for Roland Music School, teaching classical piano and computer music.

She also sang and played the piano for commercial TV songs in a wide range of musical genre

She Joined Nippon Chocolate Co., Ltd. in 1999, and was responsible for market and product development.

She left the company in May, 2002 and founded Remix Co.,Ltd. the following month.

Her hobbies include cooking and travelling.

She has visited more than 90 cities in 31 countries.


Re-mix Co.,Ltd President

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