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Re-mix Co.,Ltd President

Ritsuko Tominaga

Sense cultivated through fashion. Awareness brought from music

Tominaga’s sensibility was cultivated from an early age. She went frequently to the Hankyu Department Store in Umeda which she has been going to since she was 5. She was a precocious child that would spend her time admiring the show windows and beautiful handcraft. She was especially interested in fashion and remade her dolls’ dresses if they were not to her liking. She showed qualities as a “producer” from an early age.

During her upper elementary school years, she was already an avid reader of magazines such as “an-an” and “Roadshow”. She surprised those around her with her adult-like attitude not normally seen at her age when, for example, she played truant from after-school music courses for gifted children and went to see movies instead.

As she developed her aesthetic sense by being engaged in what attracted and interested her, during her junior high school year, she decided to apply to the vocal performance programs at music colleges. Having started to learn the piano at the age of 4, and attended music courses for gifted children, that was her obvious choice.

She started working as a piano teacher for Roland Music School whilst still a student, and eventually became the most popular instructor in terms of student enrollment and continuation.

She says that what she has learned during her time as a piano instructor is very much helping her at work today.

“My ability to grasp clients’ needs was developed during my teaching experience as an instructor.”

“I would think on how to motivate my students. For example, I would teach pop music to those who liked it, while for those that were becoming bored with classic music, I would attract their interest by telling them that even a single composition has various interpretations differing between the ages. I learned that you could satisfy your clients’ needs by voluntarily coming up with creative solutions.”

“Responding to your clients’ needs instead of pursuing your own interests is what will bring success in business.” Becoming aware of this fact is the basis of Tominaga’s fine sense of balance in her merchandise planning.

株式会社Re-mix 代表取締役社長 富永 律子


Ritsuko Tominaga was born in Osaka, Japan.

As a young child, her playground was Olympia Confectionery Co.,Ltd., a chocolate making company founded by her grandfather.

Ritsuko began learning how to play the piano at four years old, and later started singing at seventeen.

She graduated from Soai University majoring in voice performance.

As a student, she worked as an instructor for Roland Music School, teaching classical piano and computer music.

She also sang and played the piano for commercial TV songs in a wide range of musical genre

She Joined Nippon Chocolate Co., Ltd. in 1999, and was responsible for market and product development.

She left the company in May, 2002 and founded Remix Co.,Ltd. the following month.

Her hobbies include cooking and travelling.

She has visited more than 90 cities in 31 countries.


Re-mix Co.,Ltd President

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