Innovation to make “dreams” into “reality.” Developing state-of-the-art goods to achieve peaceful sleep.


Koichi Takeda


Light Alarm Clock and Side Sleeper Pillow have become hit products.

“Recognizing the significance of doing the work ourselves”
Adopting that resolution
To expand the field of business beyond sleep.

As a sleep specialist, he wants to help those who struggle to get a good night’s rest

“I was able to experience the joy of waking up with light.”

“My sleep has improved, and my drowsiness during the day is gone. I can’t give it up!”

“This product is revolutionary for me!”

These are comments from buyers of the “Light Alarm Clock,” which is developed, manufactured, and sold by MOON MOON Inc.,

a company headquartered in Kumamoto.

Since its release in August of 2012, the “Light Alarm Clock” has continuously been the number 1 selling alarm clock on the online retailer Rakuten. It has been featured in over 800 media outlets, including magazines and TV. Currently, the fourth-generation model, the “inti4,” is available for purchase, and has been updated and programmed with the latest features. President and CEO, Koichi Takeda, discusses the feelings and effort put into this product.

“We gained some name recognition with our first generation product ‘OKIRO’, but it was a product name that really only works in Japan. I thought that if I named the product after Inti, the sun god in Incan mythology people abroad would be familiar with the name, too, so I completely changed the name. I’m aiming for the global market.”

“I have trouble falling asleep.” “I awaken several times in the night.” One in three people in modern Japan have reported such trouble falling or staying asleep. For normal secretion of serotonin, a hormone essential to sleep regulation, it is important to wake up bathing in bright light and to feel refreshed. Waking up refreshed helps to regulate the biological clock, and it is effective in leading both the body and the mind towards good overall health.
Moon Moon has marketed this theory with the creation of the inti4, which uses a high illuminance LED light that is gentle on the eyes and creates the same amount of light as a sunrise. Just like a sunrise, the light of the inti4 brightens gradually, making for a comfortable wake up experience. With apps that track sleep data via Bluetooth, they are adamant about both clarity and convenience.
In addition to the alarm clock, they have developed a “Side Sleeper” pillow, which is said to be effective in preventing snoring, and are also currently developing a mattress for sale in the next term. The company has continuously strived to create products that have never existed before, all themed around “improving sleep.” Their range of services is not limited to the development and sales of products.

“We are creating a system where qualified ‘Sleep Improvement Instructors’ on our staff can provide support to our customers. We provide sleep consultations via phone or email to our customers, and we also go to schools and companies to offer sleep courses. We believe that spreading our knowledge about sleep is in and of itself one of our products.”


ムーンムーン株式会社 代表取締役  竹田 浩一


Koichi Takeda was born in Kumamoto prefecture in 1982. Beginning during his time as a student at Kyushu Lutheran College’s School of the Humanities, he worked with content planning and sales over the internet. In 2006, the same year he graduated college, he founded his own business. For over six years since, he has constructed a highly profitable business model with a small number of elite employees. In 2011, after discovering a product that dramatically improved a sleeping disorder he’d suffered from for many years, he decided to establish a company specializing in sleep products. He assumed the role of President and Representative Director at the time he established MOON MOON, Inc. Licenses and Qualifications: Sleep Improvement Instructor



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