Injestar’s global network enables it to provide one-stop translation services into Asian languages.

Injestar Inc.

Kei(Kyongho) Kwon

Executive vice president

Injestar holds a top-level market share in the translation and interpretation services industry in Japan.

Injestar aims to become the one and only company in the world that provides multilingual Asian translation services from English.


To the stage where one-stop translation services into Asian languages is possible

Since its establishment in 2002, Injestar Inc. has been growing steadily in the translation & interpretation services business, with experience in over 15 languages including English, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, French, Thai, Indonesian, and Vietnamese.

With over 500 translators registered, Injestar offers subtitling, dubbing, and editing services for corporate promotional videos, investor relation videos, and employee training videos, in addition to movies, documentaries, and TV dramas. It also offers text translation services for company brochures, manuals, contracts, project proposals, websites, etc.

In recent years, Injestar has been expending effort in the exporting of Japanese content, a business that is being promoted by the Japanese government. The company offers subtitling and dubbing services to broadcast Japanese travel shows, animation, dramas, and movies overseas in English, Spanish, Russian, and so on.
Dubbing is produced at studios in the region where the languages are spoken to obtain a higher quality. Even if there are no partner studios in the region, Injestar spares no effort in meeting the client’s needs. For example, Injestar opened a new studio in Cambodia to provide dubbing services in Khmer.

The company’s interpretation department dispatches interpreters to sporting events, international conferences, exhibitions, business talks, and other such venues. More recently, Injestar has expanded into providing multilingual staff to major airports across Japan. They work not only as interpreters but also as sales associates at duty-free shops, and their contributions to sales increases are highly evaluated by their clients.

Now, Injestar is aiming to expand into the field of localization of English content, in order to meet the current growing demand for localization. Mr. Kei (Kyongho) Kwon, the executive vice president of Injestar, who founded and has grown the company with the president, Mr. Hichang Oh, is certain that there are great business opportunities in this field based on watching the recent trends.

In 2016, Mr. Kwon received two visits from a company in the same industry, who provided European localization services for Hollywood films. It was a major company whose sales were dozens of times bigger than those of Injestar. Mr. Kwon wondered why such a big player was interested in his company. Upon research, he found that while many companies translate English films into European languages, very few provide one-stop translation services into Asian languages.

“Take Netflix, a leading media streaming service provider from America, for example. If you look at its quarterly reports, you’ll see that its overseas membership passed its membership in the States in June, 2017. One year later, the gap widened even further; its overseas membership reached 72 million, while its membership in the States was 57 million. The international market is clearly growing rapidly, as is the demand for localization in the languages of these regions.
It is much more beneficial and convenient for clients to partnership with a company that can provide one-stop translation services into multiple languages than to look for a translation company in each region. But very few Asian companies can provide such a service. On the other hand, Injestar has the experience to meet the growing needs.”

Injestar has experience in multilingual translation, and has already established networks of quality voice artists and other staff in many Asian countries. Injestar is continually improving its production system in order to increase its market value as a company that can provide one-stop translation services into multiple Asian languages.


Kei (Kyongho) Kwon was born in Tokyo. After being educated in Japan, he studied at university in the United States of America. He earned a master’s degree at the State University of New York. He got a job at the accounting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers in Chicago. After being transferred to the office in Tokyo, he made partner in the transaction department (M&A). In 2002 he founded Injestar Inc. with his childhood friend, President Oh, and works there to the present day.


Injestar Inc.

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